Mallory is a microbial ecologist and evolutionary biologist based in Boston, MA. She develops microbial technologies that improve crop quality and environmental sustainability at Indigo Ag on the Research and Scientific Insights team. She is also deeply committed to advancing inclusivity and equity in STEM.


Mallory received a BS in Microbiology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Post-undergraduate she accepted an ORISE research fellowship with the CDC National Botulism Laboratory Team (NBLT). Mallory attended graduate school at Cornell University and earned her PhD under the mentorship of the Buckley Lab. During her graduate work, she was a Teaching Fellow for the MBL Microbial Diversity course in Woods Hole, MA. Her dissertation “Population-level approaches to elucidating the evolutionary forces driving Streptomyces biogeography” explores the patterns and underlying processes that shape the geographic distribution and genomic diversity of soil bacteria. Mallory conducted post-doctoral research in the Fierer Lab at the University of Colorado-Boulder where she merged culture-dependent and computational approaches to address outstanding questions in soil microbiology.